L122D / Class E revolving doors

122mm module Aesthetic: L122D With thermal break is a solution to prevent heat and prevent heat loss through glass walls. These allow use in luxury homes (hotels, villas, etc.)

Applications: 1 to 4 wings, inward and outward opening, opening from the centre or from one side. 3 opening options to meet your project needs: Single action-hinged, Tube-bulb stile, Double action, pivot.
Suitable Glass thickness: 6mm to 31mm
Max dimensions: W1.2m x H 2.7m (Door 1 leaf)
Performances: Air permeability: Class 6 Water tightness: Class 6A Wind pressure resistance: Class C4
Door adapted to the places receiving public and for heavy use
Ultra-resistant hinge system fully integrated in the door module
All components are concealed in the door to enhance its aesthetic character
Ease of maintenance, after-sales intervention without door removal
Access control by electro-magnetic closure coupled to a lock
Level 1 or 2 anti-finger trap version
Straight and even sections providing an elegant and robust appearance
Pull handle Lümal exclusive design
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