How effective are insect proof screen doors?

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How effective are insect proof screen doors?

LÜMAL aluminum doors with integrated insect proof screen

 Nature includes all living things, natural phenomena and habitats around us. Nature not only provides people with the necessary things to survive and develop, so the closer we live to nature, the better the quality of life and happiness.

 However, overexploitation of environmental resources leads to serious problems in nature, environmental pollution and loss of biodiversity, and the risk of harmful insects and bacteria evolving to invade and reduce our quality of life.

 For apartments with gardens, near places with many trees or fields, in addition to climate incentives, we also have to face harmful insects such as poisonous bees, fleas, bugs, Mosquitoes, butterflies, three-chambered ants, etc. enter the house when opening the door.

 This article LÜMAL wants to learn with you about measures to help prevent insects from entering the house while ensuring ventilation as well as increasing the quality of life.

 What are insects? Danger from harmful insects

 Insects include insects and invertebrates, which are the most diverse group on the planet and include more than half of all living things.

 In addition to beneficial insects, most of them are harmful to life, it affects the skin causing itchiness and discomfort, affects breathing, can cause coughing or difficulty breathing, … and can also affect the skin. people who are sensitive to the poisons of insects or their odors.

 That’s why we need to prevent these types from accessing the house, especially when sleeping or having young children in the house.


 The size of the insect proof screen

 Insects carry infectious diseases because they have many bacteria on their bodies, especially wolbachia bacteria, which we cannot see with the naked eye. A number of diseases are caused by harmful insects such as malaria, flu, lung related diseases, diarrhea, etc. The number of insects worldwide accounts for the majority of the fauna. animals, they have a strong, long life, so be careful or else these insects will sting and bite you and encounter infectious diseases. Therefore, the anti-insect net must be smaller than the size of harmful invading insects.

 Types of Doors with anti-insect proof screen today

 Evening and early morning are the time when insects are most active, so we need to pay special attention.


 Sliding door with integrated insect proof screen

 With protective proof screen behind the door, you can have more peace of mind because it will prevent the entry of harmful insects into your home through doors, windows, vents, etc., and therefore integrated doors. Anti-insect proof screen is also a high-class, advanced furniture for the house.

 The door has an anti-insect net, the insect net is woven with stainless steel or fiberglass, and the frame is made of aluminum with anti-rust electrostatic paint.


 Revolving door with integrated insect proof screen

 This is a smart and safe solution for your home. Insect screen door is a new product that has appeared recently, meeting the needs of customers because it is very practical in increasing the value of life.

In addition to anti-insect, proof screen doors also help reduce dust and dirt infiltration, keeping the air fresh and cool as well as discreet.


 Sliding window with integrated insect proof screen

 There are many types of insect screen doors that are resistant to mice because it is very strong and tough so rats cannot bite, besides the solid structure it also helps to ensure safety when anti-theft is very effective.

 Aluminum doors with integrated insect net of LÜMAL

 There are many models of anti-insect screens on the market, but through this article LÜMAL introduces you to the aluminum door model with integrated LÜMAL insect net to form the perfect door set for your home.


 Accessories for doors with integrated insect proof screen

 The structure of LÜMAL’s insect screen door system has 2 parts: Aluminum and glass doors and doors with insect proof screen integrated on a set of doors.

 The aluminum and glass door part, as you know it includes aluminum and glass frames such as window sets, doors with modern styles, integrated accessories to ensure applications such as opening rotation, sliding, opening and closing. …


 Rotating window with integrated insect proof screen LÜMAL

 The insect net is integrated on the door frame, it is opened into the house and has a net attached to it. It also has a handle to open and accessories attached to it, creating a solid, solid rigidity.

 Because of the 2-in-1 integration, it is very convenient to use, you can open the glass door and close the insect net, then the air is still circulated, but insects cannot enter the room.


 Large sliding door with integrated insect proof screen LÜMAL

 LÜMAL advises customers to grasp the needs and functions of each set of doors, especially the bedroom door sets that are essential to install insect-proof net doors, thereby offering solutions and advice to the owner. From the most perfect door sets.

 With a closed production process, customers are very assured with the aluminum doors with integrated insect proof screen provided by LÜMAL.

 LÜMAL can meet the fastidious requirements of customers, bringing a new and innovative experience to add luxury to the living space.

 Hopefully, the information about the aluminum door product with integrated insect proof screen  suggested by LÜMAL will be really useful for customers.

 Please comment below the article, if you have any questions that need to be answered.

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