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Countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, the residential in their southern coastal areas are mainly Mediterranean architectures. Most of these buildings have arches and semi-arches, horseshoe-shaped doors and windows. Ultra-high saturation colors reflect the most brilliant side of the Mediterranean style. The rounded arches and corridors of the architecture are often several connections or vertical connected. Feel the extended perspective while walking around, the walls of the room can be used of semi-perforated or full perforated way to shape the interior of the view window. The blue and white colors are everywhere, showing the vastness of the sea.


Open and Transparent North American Style

The United States is an immigrant country. The local architectural style shows a full-in-the-flower posture, the mixed wind prevails here. Large window, loft, sloped roof, rich colors and smooth lines make the building look laid-back and open. In the design of window and door, the North American style prefers a design style with a large field of view, which gives a strong sense of visual tension. The ingenious use of milky white makes the home environment look more idyllic and fresh.

Excellence Haussmann Architecture Style

The Haussmann architecture follows the French’s usual romance and rigor. The building has clear lines, unevenness, and unique appearance, with large use of slope surface, the roof is full of exquisite tiger windows. Exterior walls are decorated with stone or imitation stone, and finely crafted in detail, using French corridors, carvings, lines, etc. French window and door inherited the style of Italian window and door, and made a lot of technical improvements to French one, pay attention to the anti-aging time of the material, highlight the increase of wind pressure strength, also focus on improving sealing, insulation, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation at the same time, pursuiting of window-shaped exquisite.

Elegant Japanese Architecture Style 

Clear lines, wooden door, wooden platform, a tatami platform slightly above the ground, equipped with paper sliding Japanese doors generatestrong national characteristics. Lots of lines are applying indoor show a sense of alternative geometry. Wooden sliding doors and windows are used to partition the interior and exterior—— Japanese traditional Shoji door with natural material, simple appearance, space-saving, excellent light transmission, can most possibly open indoor space.

Massive Introverted Arabic Style

Influenced by Islam culture, the Arabic style is more mysterious, introverted and more quaint in color. Arabic roofs are mostly red tiles with thick walls, mostly are white and beige. The irregular walls and eaves extend smoothly to both sides, and there are courtyards in the house. The porches and windows are arched and the window holes are slightly smaller. Arched doors are common elements in Arabic style. Arches can be on the wall or they can be used as holes in connected spaces. Arabic-style windows and doors are designed for simplicity, and metal balcony windows and doors look textured and luxurious.

Different cultures breed different architectural styles and habits of using windows. After decades of development, CIVRO has diligently designed systematic door and window products that are adapted to local conditions, with advanced technology and higher flexibility. According to different regions, climates and cultures, it provides consumers with high-quality products and services, improves living space for people in more parts of the world, and realizes higher value of the architecture.

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