Installation and Maintenance for LÜMAL window
Thank you for selecting LÜMAL products. Recommended installation instructions for Aluminum windows.
Not all window types may be installed into every wall condition in all areas. Consult your local building code official for applicable building codes and regulations. Local building code requirements supersede recommended installation instructions.
Please Note! Installations where the sill is higher than 35 feet above ground level, or any product installation into a wall condition not specifically addressed in these instructions, must be designed by an architect or structural engineer.
Failure to install windows into square, level, and plumb openings could result in denial of warranty claims for operational or performance problems.
Use non-abrasive cleaners or water mixed with mild soap to clean aluminum frames. To clean the glass surfaces, use a window cleaner or mild soap with water and a soft cloth or sponge.
Use a soft cloth for drying to make sure all water is removed from the hinges, sealant, glass, and frame to prevent damage.