Premium aluminum fire rate door: The perfect safety solution for your home

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 Premium aluminum fire rate doors: The perfect safety solution for your home

 When building your home, one of the most important factors to be considered is safety. And to ensure the safety of your family and property, installing fire doors will help your house meet fire protection requirements.

 High-grade aluminum doors, European aluminum doors are currently being used a lot for construction projects. And finding and installing a quality aluminum fire rate doors is becoming more and more popular with families and investors.

 So what is the structure of the fireproof aluminum door?

Premium Aluminum fire rate doors with painted surface manufactured with polymer materials and flame retardant additives. Does not decompose into other flammable components even under high temperature conditions. With a temperature of nearly 1000 degrees Celsius of the torch, the aluminum bar only deforms without burning, completely eliminating the process of spreading the flame through the door.

 Standard fireproof aluminum doors are made from high quality aluminum, with high strength and outstanding fireproof performance. Designed to withstand high temperatures in the event of a fire, aluminum fire doors can help prevent fire and smoke from spreading throughout a home.

 With their fire resistance, fireproof aluminum doors will make your home safer in the event of a fire spreading and give you the peace of mind knowing that your family and property are best protected.

 In addition, standard fireproof aluminum doors also feature Sound insulation, which helps to block outside noise. This will create a quieter and more convenient environment for you and your family in your home.

 With a variety of models and unique designs, fireproof aluminum doors are also trendy and suitable for many different interior environments. Not only a great safety solution, fireproof aluminum doors also give your home a new, more comfortable and modern look.

 Applications of standard fireproof aluminum doors:

 Products fireproof aluminum glass doors are widely applied in projects such as: high-rise apartment buildings, hotels, shopping malls, offices, theaters, hospitals, schools, factories and other constructions. Other industry…

 If you are looking for a safe and comfortable solution for your home, install fireproof aluminum glass doors. With outstanding fire resistance, sound insulation and unique design, aluminum fire doors will be a perfect modern and safe solution for your home. Keep your family and property safe by installing fire rated aluminum doors for your home today.

 Currently, we are supsupplying  premium aluminum fire rate door with the highest quality, best warranty to all areas in Vietnam and over world. Contact us for a free consultation and order LÜMAL high quality aluminum fire rate doors.

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