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L66W / Class A Sliding window


66mm module Aesthetic: Minimalist sliding system with aconcealed opening sash. 5 to 10% gain in glass surface area depending on the application.

Applications: 2 and 3 tracks – 2 to 4 wings

Glass infill: 6mm to 12mm

Max dimensions: W1.5m x H 1.5m

Performances: Air permeability: Class 4 Water tightness: Class 5A Wind pressure resistance: Class B3


Offering horizontal openings of up to 6 metres, the thermally efficient Duraslide 2000 is an evolution of our original aluminium slide window system. Retaining signature slim line profiles and minimal sight-lines, the new system features a modern larger thermal break. This combination provides enhanced thermal performance and the option of dual colour profiles in a wide choice of RAL finishes.
This horizontal slider has been designed for use in residential and light commercial use – such as external serving hatches in restaurants. Glass units are secured using a wrap-around gasket with the sash profiles assembled around the sealed units, providing added security.


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