Top 10+ Most Luxury Sliding Doors For Villas

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Top 10+ Most Luxury Sliding Doors For Villas

Villas often have a large private garden, inside is a comfortable, comfortable and quiet living space, so the door sets are very important when it helps the project exude beauty and luxury.

Sliding doors are chosen a lot because of their maneuverability, getting a lot of light without obscuring the view because the structure has wings up to 2m wide and up to 3m high but still operates smoothly thanks to the wheel system. vehicle as well as the upper guide elements for the door.

Architects often choose this door system for garden villas, detached villas or resort villas.

LÜMAL ALUMIUM would like to send to customers the most popular sliding door models on the market today.

Sliding door with 4 aluminum wings LÜMAL

To understand better, first let’s find out the common features of European aluminum sliding doors and the value they bring to the works.

Sliding doors ensure safety:

In the past, sliding doors always had the risk of falling off the frame or sliding the wheels off the rails, but with continuous improvement, the sliding doors have overcome that drawback, besides it is also lightweight. smoother and quieter thanks to the wheel system as well as smart locks.

Sliding doors are designed to ensure absolute tightness, sound insulation, good heat insulation, preventing cold air inside and hot outside, thus saving energy very well.

Large sliding door with smooth operation

With the sliding type on the rail, the sliding door does not affect the surrounding space, it can allow users to use 1/2 or 2/3 or even 100% of the doorway area.

The maintenance of this door system is also simpler, the maintenance time is longer and more durable over the years. Besides, the sliding door system is very easy to clean both the glass as well as the aluminum frame and guide rails below.

Sliding doors create a feeling of being environmentally friendly

In addition, with the integration of smart locks that can be opened with fingerprints, opened with applications on Smartphone, you have many choices for modern trend door locks, instead of current mechanical locks. now.

Smart lock using fingerprint or Smartphone

Currently, the sliding door is also integrated with a damping system, which helps the front door slowly latch onto the frame, ensuring safe use and also anti-fingerprint, this is a special feature with LÜMAL ALUMIUM aluminum doors.

Risk of finger clamping with children

For large doors, you can use motorized curtain box glass with electrical contacts for stable operation.

The curtain’s sun blocking efficiency is up to 90%

Controlling the curtain inside the glass is also very simple

LÜMAL would like to introduce to you new models and further analysis to make it easier for you to choose the right product.
1. 2-wing sliding door

Model of 2-wing sliding door

Model sliding door with 2 wings you can go ½ of the doorway area. With this door system, we can apply it to many positions such as to the garden, balcony or bedroom positions that need a large view. This is one of the most luxury sliding doors in 2023 chosen by many customers.

2. 3-wing sliding door

This type of door is very popular because it gets a lot of wind and light into the house because you can use 2/3 of the doorway area, helping to expand the view when opening the door.

Model of 3-wing sliding door to the garden

This door system is widely used when separating the living room from the sub area or the location to the swimming pool or garden.

3. 4-wing sliding door

For large spaces, the use of 4 sliding wings will be more flexible and the view is larger.

When using 4 sliding wings you can choose to move in the middle or on both sides.

This door system has a symmetrical handle design, so this is also an option chosen by many architects for villas. This is one of the most luxury sliding doors in 2023 chosen by many customers.

Living room space with 4-wing sliding doors

You can also choose to combine it with decorative spokes in the glass to create a luxury for the door set, feeling more secure and safe.

Sliding doors use glass with decorative spokes

4. Sliding doors open panorama

Sliding doors open panorama to create an open space

With the wall positions forming a right angle, the panoramic door opening option will be perfect for projects with a backyard garden.

Sliding door to the garden

LÜMAL has a team of experts who directly implement many large projects on high-class European aluminum doors, has experience in manufacturing and designing European standard aluminum bars for high-class aluminum doors, so that the doors can be sliding. LÜMAL offers are always loved and chosen by customers.

LÜMAL can meet the fastidious requirements of customers, bringing a new and innovative experience to add luxury to the living space.

Hopefully, the information about the aluminum and glass door model suggested by LÜMAL will be really useful for customers.

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