Top 10+ Luxury Sliding Folding Doors For Villas

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Top 10+ Luxury Sliding Folding Doors For Villas

 Currently, new materials are born that bring many applications in real life. The houses are not only to help protect safety, protect from rain and sun, but also show elegance, sophistication and move towards novel architectural designs, blending Asian and Western – West cultures. 



 The same goes for European aluminum doors, especially those that have the advantages of usability, convenience and durability over the years. Today, LÜMAL ALUMIUM would like to introduce to readers about the sliding aluminum door system, also known as folding door with a smart solution and chosen by many customers.



 First, LÜMAL would like to analyze the structure and application of aluminum sliding doors so that you can see why this type of door is increasingly being used in projects, villas and gardens.

 According to European standards, sliding aluminum doors are made from aluminum frames with a thickness of 1.5-2.5mm combined with hollow cavities to create rigidity as well as enhance sound insulation.


 To add elegance to the sliding folding door and its rigidity, glass is also an important factor, because it combines with the aluminum frame to create an inseparable structure.

 The distinctive feature of the sliding folding door system is the accessories. Its accessories are hinged like a revolving door, but with additional load-bearing wheels and guide wheels that help the doors open and close on a track. This is the reason why the sliding doors save space, have the ability to maximize the area, meet the criteria of ventilation as well as catch the wind into the house.


 In general, this door system has a very high aesthetic because it is symmetrical in the wings and has hidden hinges inside. Moreover, with low rails, easy cleaning, it is chosen by many architects to design.

 With the ability to integrate mechanical keys with keys, smart locks using fingerprint sensors, smartphone integration or other types of sensors to open and close, prevent theft into the house, so this is also called a smart door.


 With the ability to run on wheels and linked by hinges, it has the ability to expand into many wings, or a very modern panorama opening style that helps the space to be opened almost completely.

 LÜMAL ALUMIUM would like to send to customers the European aluminum door models – sliding doors are the most chosen by many people on the market today.

1. 3-leaf sliding folding door


 Aluminum 3-leaf sliding folding door LÜMAL

 3-wing sliding folding door, when opening, 3 wings fold into 1 side of the wall very neatly, you can go comfortably almost all the door area. This is one of the most luxury sliding folding doors models available today.

 2. 4-leaf sliding folding door


 4-leaf sliding folding door opens inward

 Sliding doors you can choose to open inwards or outwards, with soundproof gaskets to create absolute tightness for the door set.


 4-leaf sliding folding doors open to the outside

 The 4-leaf sliding folding door is composed of one side making 3 wings and the other side being 1 wing. So in many cases you can fix 3 wings to create a glass wall and the other one to go through. This will help optimize the space and operate conveniently. This is also one of the most luxury sliding folding doors models to choose from.

 3. 5-leaf sliding folding door


 5-leaf sliding folding door to the garden

 The feature of this type of opening is that 5 wings are arranged on one side. During use, if you need to go 1 wing, then fix the remaining 4 wings by locking the latch to create a glass wall, then you use 1 wing to get in and out of the house very well.

 4. 6-leaf sliding folding door

 For 6-leaf sliding folding doors, you can choose 2 opening ways:

 6-3-3: ie open 3 wings on each side, in this case you use the space in the middle to travel more convenient.

 6-5-1: ie 5 wings on one side, 1 wing on the other side. This case is often used with customers who like to go to one side and when necessary, expand it all and put 5 wings on one side.


 6-leaf sliding folding door opens 3 wings on each side


 6-leaf sliding folding door opening style 6-5-1

 5. 7-leaf sliding folding door

 This 7-leaf split is similar to the opening of a 5-leaf sliding folding door, that is, 7 wings folded to one side.

 These door sets are usually large doors with a new large space in proportion to the building.


 Folding door with 7 wings folded to one side

 6. Sliding doors with 8 or more wings

 With sliding doors with 8 or more wings, the space needs to be open and wide. With a large load-bearing wheel system, you are completely assured.


 8-leaf sliding folding door

 Finally, LÜMAL ALUMIUM would like to introduce to you the Panorama sliding folding type, which is an option for right-angle positions without using 2 sets of doors.

 Panoramic sliding folding doors completely solve this problem for you.


 Panoramic sliding doors

 The sliding folding system is folded into one side, so this is the perfect choice for your home space.


The doors are stowed into the wall

 LÜMAL advises customers to grasp the usage needs and functions of each door set, thereby providing solutions and advising investors on the most perfect door sets.

 With a closed production process, customers are assured of the door sets provided by LÜMAL.

 LÜMAL can meet the fastidious requirements of customers, bringing a new and innovative experience to add luxury to the living space.

 Hopefully, the information about the aluminum and glass sliding door model suggested by LÜMAL will be really useful for customers.

 Please comment below the article, if you have any questions that need to be answered.

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