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LX63 / Versatile folding doors

63mm module
Aesthetic: Free corner solution available. Reinforced version for large openings
Applications: 3 to 10 wings, inward and out ward opening, opening from the centre or from one side.
Suitable Glass thickness: 8mm to 22mm
Max dimensions per leaf: W0.8m x H2.4m
Performances: Air permeability: Class 3
Water tightness: Class 8A
Wind pressure resistance: Class C3
The mechanism of a bi-folding door used to be popular particularly for interior room dividers.
Thanks to innovative technology and excellent thermal performance, bifold doors are now in no way inferior to other door systems such as tilt and slide doors or lift and slide doors.
A bi-fold door is also perfectly suited as a patio door or for your balcony and available at reasonable prices.
Each element has its own frame and runs in special rails. The elements can be easily slid aside and folded like an accordion.
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