What is facade glass wall?

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1. What is facade glass wall?

 Facade glass wall also known as glass wall, is installed around high-class buildings, commercial centers, hotels or street houses… Currently, facade glass walls are It is widely used because it has the ability to create large, safe walls, sound insulation and high aesthetics at a reasonable price.


 The common feature that we see in the façade glass wall is that it allows maximum light to penetrate into the room, creating a more airy space than building walls or carving a few windows. .

 Although the light penetrates a lot, the heat-resistant glass panes only allow white light to pass through, heat and UV rays are trapped on the outside surface, so the façade glass wall is capable of soundproofing and insulating. Very good.

 Besides, with the unified block on the whole glass plane, the facade wall has extremely good waterproofing ability, suitable for many different architectural styles from high-rise buildings, hotels to modern villas.

 2. Advantages of facade glass wall:

 Quick construction: After installing aluminum frames and glass panels, you can have glass walls in a short time, saving a lot of construction costs.


 The façade/façade glass wall has high durability, the aluminum bars are hidden inside the house, and the outer surface is covered by glass so it can withstand harsh climatic conditions.

 Light weight, good bearing capacity and easy maintenance are also outstanding advantages of facade glass compared to other materials such as paint, brick and stone because it does not mold or rust. Easy cleaning keeps it fresh over time.

3. Structure of facade glass wall:

 Facade glass wall is simply composed of aluminum, glass and accompanying accessorieaccel

 The aluminum frame is bonded to the wall, creating a solid structure.

 Depending on the project and the size of the glass, we can choose the 52mm façade wall system, 2mm thick or the 65mm system, 2.5mm thick. In addition, there are larger aluminum frames for use in special and high-rise buildings such as 75mm thick 3mm….


 The glass is glued on the surface of the aluminum frame and bonded with a special glue. Can use laminated safety glass, tempered glass, reflective glass, box glass or Lowe or Solar Control heat-resistant box glass. However, to increase the sound insulation effect of the façade glass wall, we should use heat-resisting box glass. These glass panels also create aesthetics for the building.


 Auxiliary materials such as plates, bolts, waterproof glue, and structural glue are used carefully to ensure the longevity of the glass wall, so the construction process must be checked very carefully.

 Glue is the bonding material between glass and aluminum, so it is especially important. It also ensures safety because the glass panels are completely held by glue. On the market, there are many types of glue that can be used such as Dowcorning, KCC, Baiyun … but Dowcorning glue is still the most chosen.

 4. Construction process:

 Step 1: Survey the ground, mark the coordinates of points on the ground to assemble correctly.

 Step 2: Install aluminum frames to the wall, these frames are linked to concrete beam positions by anti-rust galvanized coding, combined with 304 stainless steel bolts.

 Step 3: Mount the glass to the aluminum frame.

 For Stick system: glass glued on aluminum frame surface with glue. This option is the simplest construction, but it needs good weather conditions for the glue to have time to bond the glass to the frame. This type can be fitted to any design.

 For the Semi Unitized system: the glass is assembled into the subframe and glued at the factory, then transported to the construction site and hung on the main frame. This system is faster to construct than the Stick system, but requires high technical skills because installing the subframe on the main frame requires very high accuracy.

 For the Unitized system: the glass and aluminum frames are machined at the factory and then transported to the construction site and hung on the cipher plates that are fixed to the concrete beams. This system is the fastest and safest construction because it withstands the vibrations of the terrain or of high-rise buildings.


 Step 4: Apply glue outside. After the glass is fully hung and mounted on the aluminum frame, we inject specialized glue to seal the gaps, this work requires meticulous and careful because in addition to waterproofing it is also related to the aesthetics of the project. Need a professional construction team.

 Step 5: Cleaning and handing over.

5. Facad glass wall systems and applications:

 There are many facade glass wall systems such as Stick, Semi Unitized, Unitized or Spider glass wall. Click here to learn more.

 5.1 Stick . facade glass wall system

 Stick facade glass wall system is quite popular because the materials are available, easy to buy and install. Its construction is also simple with aluminum frame, glass and auxiliary materials, of which adhesive is very important for this system.

• Characteristic

– Ability to shape flexible surfaces such as wavy, folded, bent, …

– Suitable for assembly for projects with high complexity such as angular surfaces, no uniformity,

– Flexibility during construction

– No warping, shrinkage, effective waterproofing.

– Sound insulation, heat insulation, high technical response.

• Application

 Stick facade glass wall system is used a lot to make facade glass for offices, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, administrative centers, …


 5.2 Semi Unitized facade glass wall system

 With the Semi Unitized system, the glass is assembled into the subframe and glued at the factory, then transported to the construction site and hung on the main frame. This system is faster to construct than the Stick system, but requires high technical skills because installing the subframe on the main frame requires very high accuracy.


 This system is fast, safe and quality construction because a part of the components is manufactured at the factory with specialized machines to inject glue to link the glass to the subframe.


 Used for high-rise buildings, administrative centers, high-class apartments.


5.3 Unitized facade glass wall system

 Unitized façade glass wall system with the structure of Unitized aluminum frame, Unitized glass box and silicon glue accessories, transmitters and transmitters. It is considered a great invention in the façade industry because it overcomes the disadvantages of conventional façade protection.

• Characteristic:

– Withstand high wind pressure at altitudes from 80 to 800m.

– Quick and easy construction, shortening the construction schedule. It can be installed by workers even in unfavorable weather conditions.

– Strictly control product quality even at the factory.

– Ensures high stability, excellent anti-cling ability.

– Reflective and reflect heat effectively.

– Helps reduce noise up to 90%.

– High aesthetics.


 Unitized façade glass wall system can be used in buildings with special requirements for noise, sound and absolute insulation. In addition, it is also used to make high-class glass walls for buildings with a height of over 20 floors, works with a surface of over 1000m2 and designed with a floor clearance of over 6m.


 5.4 Spider façade glass wall system

 The Spider facade glass system has a somewhat different structure when there is no aluminum frame but only high-grade glass such as safety laminated glass, semi-tempered glass, tempered glass, … and accessories such as structural glue, glue waterproof coating, bolts, connectors, etc.

• Characteristic

– There is no frame, so it gives a wide and comprehensive view of the project quite well.

– Attract more natural light.

– Light texture, flexible application to many different surfaces.

– Meet the creativity in architectural design.

• Application

 Product showrooms, trade centers,…


 LÜMAL façade glass wall is beautiful and luxurious.

 Please refer to the following facade systems of LÜMAL:

Facade system LF52S/ Class A

Facade system LF65/ Class E

Facade system LF65U/ Class E

 LÜMAL advises and provides solutions for investors with the most suitable wall types for the design.

 With a closed production process, customers can rest assured to use façade glass walls provided by LÜMAL.

 Hopefully, the information about façade glass wall suggested by LÜMAL will be really useful for customers.

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