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  • The more beautiful place, the simpler architectural style. Under the mellow and simple architectural style of the Mediterranean, it’s the languid and tranquil life. Golden sands glow in the sun, and the blue coastline stretches to the deepest points of the sky.


Mediterranean-style doors and windows with ancient Rome, ancient Greece’s solemn atmosphere, but also a leisurely atmosphere of coastal life.The large-area glass doors and windows have a wide view, Which connecting the blue sky, white clouds and the sea into one, and panoramic the beautiful scenery of the sea and the sky, adding a strong touch to the Mediterranean style.

The other attractive aspect of the Mediterranean-style architecture is its arched doors and horseshoe-shaped windows.They effectively modify the spatial level of the house,enrich the three-dimensional form of the door, and show a massive and shocking effect in the vision, making the deep perspective of the house ready to appear. Numerous cloisters, halls, aisles, and doors and windows of different shapes are used to decorate the building while greatly increasing the scene of enjoying the sea view. In addition, it also uses the principle of air ducts to form a wind through the hall to achieve the effect of natural ventilation and cooling, and has become a typical Mediterranean architectural symbol.

Precipitated in years and meticulously carved. The Mediterranean-style doors and windows face the blue sea and blue sky. After the baptism of the long history, the style of the doors and windows blends with the Mediterranean culture, and perfectly matches the modern design.


The beauty should not be missed, and the style needs to be passed on. The unique beauty of the Mediterranean requires an unobstructed view frame. CIVRO has a deep understanding of architectural style and human psychological needs, Using narrower borders, larger openings, more durable weather-resistant doors and windows,Freeze the beautiful scenery between the doors and windows. CIVRO, designed for a better life, begin living.


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